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1979 World Championships (Tournament Soccer)    Update tournament Info
Saturday, September 01, 1979
Unknown Location
Unknown Street
Unknown City
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Held at the Radisson in Minneapolis
1978-79 World Championships
unknown date

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Major TitleOpen Doubles           
1    DOUG FURRY (MN)     Jim Wiswell (MN)      
2    TOM SPEAR (CO)     Dan Kaiser (US)      

Major TitleOpen Singles           
1    Dan Kaiser (US)      
2    TOM SPEAR (CO)      

Major TitleOpen Mixed Doubles           
1    TOM SPEAR (CO)     Carrie Crowell (MO)      

Major TitleWomens Doubles           
1    LORI SCHRANZ KERCHO (TX)     Carrie Crowell (MO)      

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